The Listening Path®

A system that transforms how you lead, sell, and succeed in your life and work.
Christine Miles

Christine Miles

Founder & CEO of EQuipt
Developer of The Listening Path®
Author of What Is It Costing You Not to Listen?



EQuipt is a training and consulting company that helps organizations grow sales, develop people, and create cultures of understanding. The Listening Path® is a transformational system on listening to understand that has been taught at various Fortune 100 corporations, universities, law firms, and privately-held companies nationwide.

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Who is

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What is

Transformational Listening

& Why Does it Matter?

Transformational listening teaches the listener how to listen to not only attend to, but to understand. Learning the skill of transformational listening will lead your team members along a journey of empathy that uncovers the true needs of your clients and customers (internal and external). The benefits extend far beyond our professional lives, and into our personal lives too, making us more present with our friends and family.

Time Utilized at Work vs. Formal Education

of the Average Employee

Managers and employees spend at least 40% of their workdays listening to assess information, gain new insight, and make decisions. However, in our 12 years of formal education, zero time is spent teaching us how to listen.

Inforgraphic that explains Time Utilized at Work vs. Formal Education on learning to listen



Are Saying

I had the opportunity to have Christine work with my team on how to more effectively show up for their customers. Christine’s ability to break down the listening process and give tools to effectively engage with people to gain true understanding is an invaluable skill in business and in life.

Michael O’Donnell

National Vice President, SAP North America

We engaged Christine to assist our Executive Team to help them problem solve better. Through her curriculum, they went from a team that spoke over one another to a more connected team with better listening skills by using The Listening Path®.

Kelly Sanfedele

Director of Human Resources, Binsky & Snyder

Hearing is not listening and the results of the two could not be more different. Christine demonstrates this in her actions and teaches this in a way that is both relatable and practical. Transformational Listening is not just a valuable skill to learn—it is a necessary one.

Kyle Bray

Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Medical

What Is It Costing You

Not To Listen


Learn why listening is the most powerful communication skill you have and discover the proven system to guide and transform the way you listen.

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