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What Is It Costing You Not to Listen?

Recognized by the Axiom Business Book Awards, this groundbreaking book will completely transform your ability to listen. What Is It Costing You Not to Listen? discusses why listening is the most powerful communication skill we have and how maximizing our listening skills enables us to be amazing communicators, strong leaders, and present friends and family members.

Why Listening Matters

Not only are many of the problems in our lives due to not listening effectively, but listening helps solve most problems. Unfortunately, we spend 40-80% of our waking hours each day listening but only retain 25% of what we hear. So, while we spend a lot of time listening, we are missing a lot of what’s being said, and it is costing us dearly.

68% of buyers are highly influenced by sellers who listen well, but buyers report that only 26% of sellers are effective listeners.

- RAIN Group

What Is It Costing You Not to Listen?

The consequences of not listening are not always obvious, but they are insidious. The inability to listen can cause your organization to lose sales, employees, and credibility, and it can also jeopardize your most important personal relationships.

Fortune 500 companies waste an estimated $75 million per year in meetings, and much of the misused time is due to the staggering cost of ineffective listening

- Group Vision


The Listening Path™

Christine Miles is a recognized expert on training individuals and organizations on how to listen in ways that transform how they lead, sell, influence, and succeed in every aspect of life. What Is It Costing You Not to Listen? covers her breakthrough system, The Listening Path,™ that equips people with the most important human skill – listening to understand. 

This book will teach you how to

Hear what is said and not said

Identify your listening persona and realize when it is unhelpful

Soothe your subconscious so you can listen differently

Listen with intent to gather others’ stories

Replace interfering direct questions with just six questions

Mini-reflect to speed up the listening process without getting lost

Affirm to create alignment, break down walls, and solve problems

In What Is It Costing You Not to Listen?, Christine Miles shares her hard-earned truths about how little we truly listen to each other. She offers techniques that are realistic and easy-to-use but will take some practice. I encourage you to invest in this book and the processes described. Then listen to the powerful responses you get from people when they realize you are listening.

Nicole Gabriel Former Senior Executive, General Motors, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth and Stepping Into Your Becoming

It may be more important than ever to make a conscious decision to seek to understand others. To do that we need to know how to listen. Christine’s approach is both brilliant and simple.

Ann Hook COO, Solomon Edwards
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