EQuipt provides individual and team coaching on how to apply The Listening Path™ system to solve business problems, lead and manage teams, elevate executive presence, tell stories to influence, and inspire others. Our coaches transform the way teams communicate by lessening defenses and building trust, which are key to organizational success. Applying The Listening Path™ tools across various levels results in alignment of the leadership team, the employees, and the organization at large.

How it works

We take a systemic approach to coaching by looking at individuals as a part of a larger team with the understanding that one impacts the other. Our first priority is to deeply understand an organizations’ core challenges and then to tailor a bespoke solution to address them. Our facilitators deliver personalized coaching both in-person and virtually that tackle these broader challenges to create happier, more productive teams.  

Infographic of Coach to Participant Ration - Group 1:5 and Individual Coaching 1:1
Christine has helped us see our way through the tearing down of departmental walls, which enriched our culture of caring about each other, the community, and our environment. I can’t thank Christine enough for how she has helped me be a better leader, boss, friend, teammate, dad, husband, and person.

Frank Rhea

Executive Vice President, Tozour Energy Systems

I have worked with Christine for ten years as my leadership coach. She taught me that school leadership and management is, at heart, about ‘gathering’ through listening and understanding people’s stories. In doing so, it becomes possible to build the story of the organization, the vision, and the strategy that are necessary for facilitating growth, change, and the greatness of others.

Sue Szczepkowski

Head of Lower School, Germantown Academy

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