[Podcast] The Power of Understanding with Christine Miles

What is it costing you to not listen? 

Over time, when you stop listening, it erodes your relationships. It might be at work, it might be at home, but it impacts every facet of your life. 

That’s why listening is at the heart of learning to resolve conflict. 

Conflict resolution isn’t always about agreement—it’s about alignment. You need to be able to respect each other’s viewpoints and decisions. And it’s why “The Power of Understanding”’ is the subtitle of the book by Christine Miles

When you understand, you earn the right to lead, influence, and resolve problems. But most people aren’t wired to do this naturally. 

Learn more about the interplay between listening and understanding in this episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast!

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In Other News

Active Listening vs. Transformational Listening: Beyond Passive Reception

We’ve all been there – passing someone in the hallway, greeting a colleague in the office, or meeting a friend at the cafe, and the ubiquitous phrase gets exchanged: “How are you?” These three simple words are often met with an equally generic response: “I’m fine,” or “I’m good,” regardless of how we genuinely feel. Unfortunately, this social norm has reduced an inquiry about our well-being to an interaction of mere courtesy where most people don’t actually care about the response. Yet, in these moments, a profound opportunity lies dormant – the power of Transformational Listening.

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