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Dean Borig

Dean Borig

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I grew up in Valley Forge, PA, the middle of 3 sons. When I was 6, my younger brother was born with Down’s Syndrome. This event had a significant impact on me and my family, and it shaped the way I viewed the world. While it was obvious that my brother was unique, I struggled in my adolescence to figure out what made me special and how I could find my purpose. Growing up, I spent a week every summer with my grandparents and would often walk in the woods with my grandfather, Pop-Pop. I felt unconditional love and safe sharing my feelings with him. Through this experience, my passion for nature grew, and at the age of 13, I started hiking the Appalachian Trail with my best friend. Learning to follow the clues from nature was an inspiration for how I viewed myself and my ability to solve problems. I eventually earned a degree in Computer Science, excited about applying technology to solve problems. I have enjoyed a career in information technology including software development, IT infrastructure management, systems engineering, and project and program management. I have always brought the spirit of exploration to solving business problems by seeking a variety of insights and uncovering the real issues, gaps, and desired effects that have an impact on the business. I joined EQuipt to help other professionals gain the tools needed to successfully explore and uncover insights to help solve business problems using a more human approach.

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