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Dena Lefkowitz

Dena Lefkowitz

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I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the youngest of five children. As a young girl, I noticed that my parents could not buy me the things I wanted. So, I got my first job earning $1 an hour.  I saved up all summer to buy a camera, and I remember being so happy and proud of myself. As a child living in an insular orthodox Jewish community, there were no aspirations for girls beyond marriage and raising a family. We sat in the back of the synagogue, behind a screen, and had no part in the service. It never felt right to me. This experience, as well as witnessing the financial struggles of my family, inspired me to find a different path in life. At 14, I got working papers, and through my hard work, put myself through college. After graduating, I decided to go to law school. I believed being a lawyer was the path to more—more status, more recognition, more respectability, more credibility and, of course, more money. I became a litigator and was good at it. I thought I had it all figured out but then my boss decided to close the firm. I didn’t get a lot of offers from others firm because I didn’t have a book of business. It was eye opening because I never thought about marketing or selling, so I knew had to change. I got a job at a great firm that offered access to a marketing coach, and I began to focus on business development and to bring in business. Before long, I was mentoring other lawyers on how to market and sell and decided to make this my career focus by becoming a coach. Even though I went from one entrepreneurial profession to another, knowing how to network, market, and sell have been just as key to a being a successful coach as to any other provider of professional services.

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