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The Listening Path™

EQuipt’s game-changing approach to transforming how people listen, empathize, and understand. The Listening Path™ uncovers the true needs of your clients and customers (internal and external) by clearly understanding both what is being said and what is not being said, allowing you to align your offerings to both. By detecting the unstated needs of others, transformative listening forever pivots the conversation by allowing individuals and teams to lead, sell, and negotiate more successfully.

It's all about having the right Tools...

The Listening Path tools: map, milestones, compass, flashlight, water filter and footprints

Would you embark on an adventure in the woods without bringing along tools to navigate the tricky path? Hopefully not! The same goes for conversations. Instead of meandering aimlessly and unprepared, EQuipt has developed the Six Tools of The Listening Path™ that guide the conversation to discover the insight you’re looking for.

Business Benefits of Transformational Listening

EQuipt’s customized approach is tailored to individual business needs and centered around solving common business-related problems and challenges. EQuipt facilitators teach teams how to apply these new tools and skills to their everyday lives, with an immediate impact on results.

50 - 51 %
Reduction in Sales Cycle on Average
0 %
Increase in Customer Lifetime Value


Who We Help

EQuipt empowers organizations to create cultures of empathy and understanding to enhance performance and productivity. We work with teams across industries and experience levels to improve their listening skills, with a focus on:

Leadership Teams

Executive Leadership

Sales Groups

Sales & Business Development

IT and Engineering Teams

IT &

Law Firms

Legal & Human Resources

Customer Service Teams


Bring The Listening Path™ to you…




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