How to Engage Our Listening Expertise

Choose the Venue Best Suited To Your Needs for Transformational Listening Training.

Every organization faces different challenges; our services are provide to meet your specific needs. Our workshops are designed to fill the gap in listening training and are customized to address your specific organizational, team, and business needs. We seek to understand your needs and goals first, then customize our approach to achieve those business outcomes. All our training and mentoring are conducted at the client’s preferred location. For questions, contact EQuipt.

Our approach is influenced by the surgical training model to elicit behavioral change. We know that people learn by doing, so we designed our workshops to be highly interactive, experiential, and focused on practicing newly acquired skills and using The Listening Path® tools. First, we tell participants what they need to know about the tools. Then, we show them how to use them. Then, participants practice (do) what they have learned. The result is a newly acquired set of skills that are easily and immediately applied in the workplace and outside of it.




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